A BRAND   is what people conclude when looking at your brand-art.


  Budget Sense?   Similar to a commercial painter   


What do you want the public to think of you?   Expert? Creative? Economy? Premium? This is the path every successful brand must walk, because judgements are made in a nano second.   




- Opinion Matching (Your Brand Goals)

- Font / Typeface Guide

- Icon Logo - Color, white, black and greyscale

- Word Logo - Color, white, black and greyscale

- Signage Concept

- Brand Color Guide

- Graphic Art (used for web, print, & decor)

- Lifestyle Imagery (used for web, print, & decor)

- 1 Stock Infomercial Video about your brand (up to 30 seconds)

- Logo Glitch Art for future videos


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  • If for any reason you are unhappy you will be re-funded in full, or full value less 30% if services have commenced. 

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